Rhode Home Rescue is a RI Non-Profit & federal 501c3 Public Charity that rescues dogs from high kill shelters, abuse and neglect situations, and owner surrenders. RHR was started in December 2015.



Our Rescue Stories

Bella came to Metropet from RHR on June 3rd, 2017, for a Super Dog Adoption Event but she never made it to the event. While Bella was being kept at Metropet for the night she met Apollo and the two fell in love. Metropet staff informed Apollo's owner of his new found love, and met Bella that night at pick up. Mike & Kristine have been looking for another dog to add to their family for a little while now; Kristine grew up with Shepard's in her family so when she met Bella it was meant to be. Bella was so happy to have found Apollo, Mike & Kristine; it was a blessing for everyone. Bella loves her new brother & loves playing in the back yard with him.

Bob arrived at Metropet from RHR on June 17, 2017 after he wasn't adopted at an event they held. Our staff posted on all forms of social media daily, adding pictures of Bob encouraging people to adopt him. Bob was at Metropet for 7 days before he found his forever home. Our staff member Guin fell in love with Bob and talked her boyfriend John into coming to met Bob. Once John & his siblings (Emma & Josh) met Bob it was love at first sight. Bob was super comfortable around them right away and you could tell that he was happy & relaxed.  Bob's named was changed to Oliver, which suits him better! Oliver loves his new back yard where he gets to run daily & be by the pool with his brother Roscoe (Lab) & Daisy (Beagle).

Bree came to Metropet on June 17, 2017 after being at an event where she did not get adopted. She was adopted by an older couple on 7/3/2017 but it didn’t end up working out. Bree had a routine vet appointment the Monday she was brought back so Metropet took her to the vet. While at Warwick Animal Hospital she met her vet for that visit Geoffrey. After talking to Geoffrey and telling him Bree’s story he asked to take her picture to send to his wife because they have been looking for a dog for a while now. After the visit Geoffrey informed me that he & his wife wanted to adopt Bree. When we brought Bree back later that night to go to her new home the vet techs informed us that Geoffrey & his wife have been looking for a dog for a while now but haven’t found the right now; they said he hasn’t met the right one. Bree was the right one for him and she loves her new home near the beach & loves going for boat rides with her new mom & dad.