Our Staff


Before starting at Metropet in April 2008, Susan worked at a childrens
daycare for about 2 years. Her favorite part of the business 
is being able to interact with the dogs and learn from them daily. She also loves the relationships she has built
with the customers over the past few years & having them as
part of her family. Susan loves being able to take her passion
for dogs and showing it to her staff and most importantly showing
& teaching her children Timothy and Luke about dogs.
When Susan is not at Metropet she enjoys building Lego's with her sons,
baking & being outside. 

Susan and her husband Tim are the owners of Metropet since 2016

When Tim is not at Metropet he is a Warwick Firefighter. He enjoys playing softball & golf in 
his free time. 

Jamie worked at K9 Clubhouse & Haxton’s before
 starting at Metropet in March 2017. Her favorite part of the
 job is playing with the dogs while in group. When Jamie is
not at work she likes to go sit at the beach and watch the
 sunset, going for walk & hanging out with her cousins

 started at Metropet in March 2019; he also works as an
 instructor at Laid Back Fitness. His favorite part of the job being able 
to hang out with the dogs and getting to cuddle with them!! When Nick isn't at Metropet he enjoys being with his friends, working out and playing 
video games. 

Justin started at Metropet August 2017; his favorite
part of the job is working with the dogs daily. When
Justin is not attending school or at work he enjoys helping
his family with chores and babysitting.

Before starting at Metropet in May 2018, Matt was a
very bored high school student. His favorite part of the job 
is being around the dogs all day and interacting with them. 
When Matt is not at work he enjoys playing games or 
playing basketball with his brother. 

Becky started at Metropet in August of 2018; before that she worked for A.C. Moore in Warwick, RI.  Her favorite part about working at Metropet is being able to work with the dogs and learning all their individual personalities.  When not at Metropet Becky enjoys hiking, rescuing feral cats and spending time with all her many pets!

Before starting at Metropet in October 2019, Alex worked at 
Dollar General. His favorite part of the job is being around
and with the dogs. When Alex is not at work he enjoys 
playing with his dogs, going on bike rides and 
being out and about with people.